The Steve Biko 12th Memorial Lecture: Evil Under the Sun: The Death of Steve Biko by Sydney Kentridge

“I do not claim any special political expertise but my belief is that in modern constitutional democracies threats to the rule of law do not come so much from sweeping acts of legislation as from seemingly limited but incremental encroachments.” – Sydney Kentridge, Steve Biko’s family representative at the inquest into his death

Download the rest of the lecture in pdf format:
The Steve Biko 12th Memorial Lecture: Evil Under the Sun


Dallas 2012 comin 2 your tv/pc very soon

Now I didn’t see this coming but a continuation of DALLAS the tv series is the best television news I’ve heard in a long time.   I hope JR is still the master evil guy and self righteous Bobby gets it comin hehehehhe!

This w/end I will finish my cousin’s wedding website and get ready to resume the online learning site i’m doing called Bonyongo. Also it’s interesting to discover a publishing tool called calameo, this can do the job of publishing illustrated online without too much fuss. Has big potential, will try it next week.

See DALLAS 2012 trailer below

why start this blog?

was tryin to use a wordpress plugin for a basic website I was buildin over the w/end and the damn thing bombed in the last moment and that confirmed my long held suspicion, wordpress is mostly a blogging tool. Taking it to the next level in terms of programming functionality requires hard work, not as simple as it’s made out to be, classical bait and switch perhaps.

Anyway, i just wanna ramble online about technology especially web and any other crap that comes to my mind.